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Crystal Air Plant
Crystal Air Plant
Crystal Air Plant
Crystal Air Plant

Crystal Air Plant

Fig & Willow AU

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Air plants are so easy to care for, they only require a mist of water once every week maybe twice in warmer weather or you can soak them in some water. Keep in bright indirect sunlight to promote flowering. 

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It assists in cleansing one's energy field of negative influences and attachments. It helps create a shield of spiritual light around the body.  It acts as a barrier against lower energies and gives you the strength and courage to make challenging decisions by connecting to your intuition and higher wisdom.

Chakra : Third Eye, Crown

Element : Air

Astro Sign : Aquarius

Key Words : Intuition, Protection, Higher wisdom

Clear Quartz a must have! These crystals are known as master healers and are able to amplify your own energy, vibrations and thoughts. They also amplify the healing properties of other crystals and broadcast that energy back into the Earth. Its an amazing stone for manifestation. It will also bring clarity to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

Chakra : All

Element : All

Astro Sign : All

Key Words : Awareness, Amplifying Energy, Clarity

* As these are a natural product the crystals will vary in size, colour and shape. They are all hand picked by the Fig and Willow team as we believe you don't chose the stone, the stone choses you therefore they are all equally as beautiful and unique in their own way. 

POSTAGE - We can post to certain States with in Australia due to strict quarantine laws. We can't post to TAS, NT or WA at this time. These air plants and crystals are very delicate and we usually prefer local pick up or delivery only. However if you love them as much as we do and need them posted we can work something out and give them some extra love in the packaging department. It will be at buyers own risk. The large air plants may cost more to post due to the weight.