Im the owner and founder of Fig & Willow Flower Bar.
If you have landed on this page, welcome! I'm honestly so excited you're here. 

You may be familiar with our style. We're known for statement set ups that are wildly romantic, unique and abundant with luxury blooms. Im not your typical or traditional florist, nor do I operate like one.... I have my own modern take on wedding flowers and am very intuitive with my designs. If you're intrigued keep on reading to find out a little more about our world of floral magic and abundance.  

HI! My name is


Bespoke, Intuitive Design

Cohesive Flow

I create in the moment with whats in abundance at the markets and in season. Each week there's a different selection of flowers available meaning I can't create the exact same look twice but I can recreate a vibe with your preferred colour palette.
We love a cohesive flow from ceremony to reception... Think styling elements such as candles, drapery, fruit and stone elements along with our curated collection of vessels.
There's a special energy that I put into my work... I pour my whole heart and soul into my creations and design with so much love and intention. I love to create statement florals with big impact. I use mainly seasonal, luxury blooms and work best with creative control of your vision to bring your inspo to life... If this aligns with you we may just be a perfect fit for each other. 

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